5 Places Where You Can Eat With Your Pets

a4e90fab6e6edf8dbbff24419abf4750You are either a dog person or car person (more on that debate here) but never both. If you are a cat person you understand that cats love to chill at home far from you until it is feeding time. However, dog people are usually quite attached to their companions taking them everywhere even to restaurants. Luckily, some restaurants do embrace these pets as lovingly as their owners do. Here are some 5 pet-friendly restaurants in the U.S.

1. Lazy Dog Café

Based in Brea, California, this restaurant welcomes dogs on the patio. You can order grilled chicken or grilled hamburger with brown rice for your trusted companion. A bowl of water is complimentary. However, dogs are not allowed to eat from your dishes or on the table.

2. Sail Pavilion

This Tampa, FL based open-air waterfront restaurant welcomes dogs where they can enjoy free water, doggie treats, and a dog menu that features Mr. Barksmith and Frosty Paws imagesdoggie smoothies. Dogs are allowed throughout the open-air establishment.

3. BLT’s Restaurant

Dogs are allowed on the outdoor patio of this Big Bear, CA establishment. Humans on the other hand dime on a standard café menu of burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Dogs can enjoy free water and kibble as well as a menu of chicken fingers, hamburger patties, hot dogs, or even lamb.

4. Barking Dog Luncheonette

Dogs are allowed on this New York establishment’s outdoor patio. Humans on the other hand dine on excellent foods from a very expansive menu from this supperclub NYC.

5. Cosmo’s Restaurant and Bar

Dogs are allowed on the outdoor deck of this Orange Beach, Alabama restaurant. Cosmo’s serves a variety of dishes from sushi to pasta, seafood to steak. Dogs enjoy free treats and water but you can also buy them a logo bowl, bandana, or hat at the on-site doggie gift shop.

For more ideas, here’s a great YouTube video: