Tips on How to Get a Bartending License in New York

If you love being around people and don’t mind working late and weekends, then bartending might be the kind of career that appeals to you. That’s especially true in NYC, where you can meet all walks of life as they unwind. All that you need is a license and learn the drinks. To do that, you can use every bit of help you can get, including these tips in getting a bartending license in New York.

The very first thing you should do is look up the specific requirements, and make sure you’re going to fit. Don’t let months and money go to waste only to find out you forgot to fill out some unusual form or something on your record disqualifies you. The requirements are pretty loose, so you’re probably fine, but make sure you can do it so you don’t waste time, or you can correct anything that needs to be fixed early on.

Check online for testing materials and study guides that might be for sale. Brushing up on things is great to prepare for getting your license, but also make sure that any materials you use are up to date.

Talk to existing bartenders about when they got their license. Ask them if there were any road bumps they didn’t see coming and how you should deal with them proactively.

If you consider using a school or training program to get your license, ask them what their actual graduation or certification rates are. If they have a good percentage of success with their students or participants, they’ll not only know their rate, they’ll brag about it. Also, ask if they have job placement services after you get your license to speed up your job prospects.