Buying a German Shepherd Puppy – What You Need to Know

German shepherds make amazing guard dogs and loyal companions. It is best to adopt them while they are puppies so you can properly train them and develop a strong bond with your German shepherd. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a German shepherd puppy – See Here.

1. Is A German Shepherd The Right Breed For You?

German shepherds are loyal and intelligent dogs but they need to be trained. They might not be a good fit for a first-time dog owner or for someone who lacks time for training a new puppy. German shepherds also need to exercise on a daily basis. Unless you have a large property where your new dog will be able to run or live an active lifestyle, a German shepherd might not be the ideal breed for your household.

2. Look For The Right Breeder

You can occasionally find German shepherds in shelters and in pet stores, but the easiest way to find a purebred puppy is to contact a local breeder. Look for a breeder who can provide you with references and who has a good reputation. Ask them a few questions about the breed to see how knowledgeable they are.

3. Check The American Kennel Club

You can use the American Kennel Club official website to look for available puppies in your area. You will find the puppies currently available through breeders who are official members of the club. You will probably have to spend more for one of these puppies but this is a good way to make sure you are getting a purebred dog who has been bred and raised by a conscious breeder.

4. Meet The Parents

If possible, meet the parents of the puppy you would like to adopt. This is a good way to get an idea of what your puppy’s temperament will be like. You should also get an idea of how tall the puppy will be and of what it will look like. Breeders will usually let you meet the mother of the puppy you want to adopt and you should be able to ask questions about the father and to see pictures.

5. Choose A Healthy Puppy

Visit a breeder’s home or place of business to see their puppies. Pay attention to how clean the place is and ask some questions about the daily routine of the puppies. Examine the puppies to make sure their coats are clean and that there aren’t discharges from their nose or eyes. Ask the breeder for health records and make sure the puppies are being properly socialized and not taken away from their mother too early.

Adopting a German shepherd puppy is an important responsibility and you need to make sure that this is the right breed for you. You should contact different breeders in your area to find out more about these dogs and to ask questions about how they are bred and raised before you decide to adopt a puppy.